Get Covid shot, Germans order Shoah survivor


A court in Stuttgart is seeking to forcibly vaccinate an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor against COVID-19.

Jewish composer Inna Zhvanetskaya will “be sent against her will to a doctor, who will double vaccinate her against COVID-19,” Austrian website Report24 reported, adding that she will be “institutionalized in a closed psychiatric facility.”

Holger Fischer, Zhvanetskaya’s attorney, said a regional court in Stuttgart overruled the lower court, stopping, for now, the forced vaccination.

“The facts seem unbelievable, because Germany has really learned nothing at all from history,” Report24 wrote. “An exclusive video shows: She is neither of unsound mind nor endangering herself or others. She’s just afraid for her life.”

Michael Blume, the civil servant assigned to protect Jewish life in Baden-Württemberg state, including in its capital Stuttgart, is facing criticism for failing to prioritize Zhvanetskaya’s case.

“Anyone who acts against the people of Israel under the guise of anti-Zionism and anyone who supports the BDS movement, which applies a double standard solely towards the State of Israel, is himself antisemitic,” Shai Glick, CEO of the Human Rights in a Jewish Spirit NGO, told JNS. “Mr. Blume should certainly not be in charge of the fight against antisemitism.”

In 2021, the Simon Wiesenthal Center listed Blume’s alleged antisemitic social media activities, pro-BDS activity and failure to combat the Iranian regime’s antisemitism. —JNS