Celebrating Rachel Imeinu


The Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation commemorated the yarzheit of Rochel Imeinu on Sunday, 11 Cheshvan.

The 27th Annual Yarzheit Dinner took place in two locations —  in Brooklyn’s Manhattan Beach Jewish Center and in Jerusalem’s Baka neighborhood, near Kever Rachel. Foundation Founder and President Evelyn Haies, who made aliyah with her husband Jay on July 4th, conduced in the Jerusalem event.

Harav Mayer Alter Horowitz SHLITA, the Bostoner Rebbe of Har Nof, delivered the keynote address in Manhattan Beach.

Honored guests included Rabbi Akiva Eisenstadt, who helped establish the Manhattan Beach Community Kollel; NYU Judaic Studies Professor Lawrence H. Schiffman, a Dead Sea Scrolls authority;  Manhattan Beach native Robin (Fayge Raizel) Ticker, and Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor, the NYPD’s highest ranking Orthodox police officer.

The master of ceremonies, Dr. Paul Brody of Great Neck, sang the Star Spangled  Banner and Hatikva.

Haies’ 12-year-old grandson, Shmuel Haies, made his speaking debut at the dinner, enlightened the guests about the Jewish history of Beit Lechem.


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