Blended learning comes to HALB


What happens when you combine neuroscience research, state of the art interactive software, and the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach?

For the past five years, HALB has partnered with 2Sigma Education to implement a blended learning educational model leveraging the power of technology to provide students with individualized instruction. Students independently use the software during math and language arts, and the data generated by their work is then analyzed to provide one-on-one or small group intervention and enrichment based on their needs.

Among the programs used by 500 students in K-4th Grade is STMath, a visually based math program designed by Mind Research Institute, a neuroscience research institute at the University of California Irvine. 

Hebrew Academy of Long Beach hosted Matt Feldman, Vice President of Product at Mind Research Institute, who said, “Over the years, we have noticed HALB’s innovative, data-driven methods in using STMath to personalize instruction. There is no other school using our program with such sophistication.”

During his visit Mr. Feldman observed classrooms, received feedback from students and witnessed firsthand the data-driven educational model implemented at HALB. He also met teachers and administrators to commend them for their great work, as well as discuss some of the challenges for students and teachers.

Sharing his observations with teachers and administrators, Mr. Feldman remarked, “You hear a lot of talk across the country about using technology and data to individualize learning for every student, but at HALB it’s actually happening.”