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Achiezer expands kosher respite room at Mount Sinai South Nassau

There was a chanukat habayit for an expanded Achiezer kosher respite room at Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside on Monday. “Everyone else can go to the cafeteria,” Rabbi Dr. Aaron E. …


Denounce the hate, left and right

Last year, at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, a pro-Palestinian student threw a rock at Jews standing by Hillel. At the University of Oregon Hillel, vandals left an illiterate, hate-filled …

TikToker opens young eyes

At a moment of sharply rising anti-Semitism, a Jewish social media star known for her dance videos is getting deadly serious. Montana Tucker’s 10-part docu-series, “How to: Never …


Chabad rabbis at Rebbe’s Ohel

Thousands of Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis, in New York City for the 39th annual International Conference of Chabad Emissaries (Kinus Hashluchim), visited the Ohel in Cambria Heights …


Get it right, Twitter! Here’s how Musk should define antisemitism

In an open letter to Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Twitter management, 180 organizations called on the social media giant to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance …


Titanic exhibit: Lost Jewish couple

“Where you go, I go,” Ida Straus told her husband, Isidor, aboard the RMS Titanic in April 1912. With lifeboats available for women and children first, men had to wait. Given a …


FBI is aiding antisemitism while combating it

During a hearing last Thursday of the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, House Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J. Fifth District) posed a question, …


10 places to sense Jerusalem’s ancient history

Where can you travel through 5,000 years of history in 10 stops? Jerusalem, the city that was proclaimed the capital of the Kingdom of Judea in 1,000 BCE and is the capital of the Jewish State …


Learning together

MTA 9th graders have been paired with 12th-grade talmidim, meetingt several times throughout the year to learn together. The relationships are becoming one of mentorship and guidance as the 12th …


Intergenerational Day at HALB’s Lev Chana ECC

Every fall, the call goes out to grandparents and great grandparents of students at HALB’s Lev Chana Early Childhood Center to come together for Intergeneration Day. Assemble …


Celebrating Hadassah in Israel

Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, celebrated its 100th National Convention last week in Israel. Its theme was “Together in Israel: Our Pride. Our Purpose.” At …


‘Hogan’s’ Clary, Shoah Survivor, 96

Robert Clary, a Holocaust survivor best known as the French actor who starred in the CBS-TV series “Hogan’s Heroes,” died at his home in Los Angeles on Nov. 15 at age 96. Cleary, …


Herzl was gone but his vital message survived

Excerpted from the new three-volume set “Theodor Herzl: Zionist Writings” edited by Gil Troy, the inaugural publication of The Library of the Jewish People. In 1897, in the short …

Who's in the Kitchen

Chicken soup for the bowl and for our soul

A chicken in every pot, getting up with the chickens, chicken out, running around like a chicken without its head — and let’s not forget chicken soup! Chicken soup has been …


Bold, beautiful rewilding of Israel’s wetlands

Nadav Israeli smiles as he peers through binoculars at a flock of Eurasian jackdaws soaring over Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin in the Jordan Valley. It’s mid-September, the beginning of …


SKA girls fly to New Orleans on mission with the NCSY

A group of students from the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls boarded a plane to New Orleans on Nov. 2, for a life-changing experience organized by NCSY …


HAFTR stages a girls’ Mishmar event

As the final bell of the day rang at HAFTR High School and students boarded their buses home, a group of girls gathered together for a meaningful night of learning and bonding. On Oct. 26, girls …

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