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Prince Charming doesn’t always find Cinderella, and stories do not always have “happy” endings, as most of us learn the hard way. I remember once, after a harried chase, … more
Parashat Vayishlach begins by telling us that “Ya’akov sent malachim lifanuv (messengers ahead of him) to his brother Eisav, to the land of Seir, the field of Edom.” Rashi … more
You don’t hear much about them, and sometimes you don’t even know their names. But they are the true heroes and heroines in our lives and in our times. As I hope to demonstrate, it … more
Two thousand twisted pieces of cutlery adorn a 1976 Cadillac parked in the new Uri Geller Museum in Jaffa. A Guinness World Record-winning bent spoon, weighing 11 tons, dominates the museum … more
Standing in the foyer of her childhood home at Reilstraße 18 in Halle, Germany, 90-year-old Eve Kugler recalled fleeing her hometown soon after Kristallnacht when she was a girl of 7. Now, 83 … more
A fire station in the northern Jewish-Arab city of Ma’alot Tarshiha donated by Penny and Stephen Rosen of Brooklyn Heights has continued to keep Israelis safe as fires raged in Israel’s … more
A pastry chef who trained in France, Shoyer is the author of “The Kosher Baker,” “The Holiday Kosher Baker,” “The Healthy Jewish … more
From beginning to end, Genesis chapter 34, in this week’s parshat Vayishlach, tells a terrifying story. Dina, Jacob’s daughter — the only Jewish daughter mentioned in the entire … more
Chanukah may be two weeks away, but holiday shoppers got a jump-start on Sunday at Cahal’s Chanukah Boutique. The fair, at HANC’s early childhood center in West Hempstead, featured a wide … more
Snow globe smiles were just one of the cold-weather deslights at Kulanu’s “First Ever Winter Fest,” Sunday in Cedarhurst’s Andrew J. Parise Park. There was a snowman, igloo, … more
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