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I’m not a strong proponent of prenuptial agreements as I think that they often spoil the romance. Moreover, the prenuptial agreements which mainstream rabbinical organization utilize, ostensibly to … more
Not that anyone is counting, but this is my 180th article for this fine newspaper. In article 88, I described a wedding I attended in Williamsburg. When I went out to make a phone call, I observed a … more
After months of urging by my wife, I finally made an appointment with an ENT to have my hearing checked. My wife figured that since I wasn’t listening to her I must not have been hearing her in … more
What a week. We transition from Ted Williams to the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona. For those of you who missed it, Ted Williams is, or should I say was, a homeless unemployed former radio station … more
The phrase justice is blind has been interpreted throughout the ages in a variety of ways. None so literal for me as the story I’m about to tell. I had been practicing for only a few months some 20 … more
Not too many people enjoy football as much as I do and this time of year is any football lovers’ paradise. Almost every day there is a college post-season game and the National Football League … more
Before we went to sleep on Monday night, the night of the winter solstice, my family and I all decided that we would wake up at 2 a.m. to witness the first lunar eclipse in some 372 years. We all … more
The following legal question was presented in law school. Sally offers $5,000 for a rare collection of 10 books. Harry, unaware of her offer, gives her nine of those books as a present. Harry then … more
I remember as a child complaining to my parents one year that the gifts we received paled in comparison to the gifts we received the year before. My father was quick to point out that the focus … more
The sight of 81 candles shining from our dining room window out to the cold winter night of Columbus, Ohio was indeed a sight to be seen. And so every year on the eighth night of Chanukah after my … more
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