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Who wants to be sick at a simcha? Carsickness and seasickness can certainly dampen one’s enthusiasm for doing anything and being anywhere. Children driven longer distances can arrive in an … more
This might not be such a bad time for photographers. For years, old pros — meaning experienced and skilled professional photographers, as well as myself — have been complaining that … more
I’m not a sports fan but love the emotional dynamics involved. I don’t enjoy watching team sports but appreciate team spirit and enjoy reading about talent and determination. Last July … more
Imagine a bar mitzvah without a book? In the seventies, eighties and nineties, those with a formal reception for family and friends had a photographer and then eagerly planned and anxiously … more
My visit to the Bronx for a photoshoot last week brought back a timely memory, of when Rabbi Meir Kahane came to the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway, 30 years ago. I detoured to see some of the old … more
Change has been occurring on three fronts that will work together to revert the look of simcha photography to a more dramatic style of the 1980s. I predict that in a few years a popular style will be … more
Nothing is more mystifying to a person who wants to understand photography than light. Books, classrooms and websites on photographic lighting sometimes add to the confusion. Using light involves … more
First I worried I would not be able to hear, but the sound turned out to be loud enough to be heard for blocks. I got there early and it was painfully loud up front within and behind the VIP area. … more
He loved my photography twice before, but chose a friend to shoot this Bar Mitzvah’s video. Each moment’s ideal angle will tell the story best and render subjects pleasingly. Here I … more
Eyes glaze over. Faces sag. Bodies slump. Confusion overcomes and normally confident persons whither at hearing the phrase: everything requires thought. This is true of those who quickly want to … more
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