fighter for rights

Remembering Heumann, whose life was a blessing

My friend Judy Heumann died March 4 in Washington DC, where she lived. Her name might not mean too much to many of you. But to thousands — and I do meant thousands — of people who …

fighter for rights

‘Jewish mother’ of disability rights movement

Judith Heumann, the Jewish “Mother of the Disability Rights Movement,” died on March 4. She was 75 years old. The Jewish Federations of North America called Heumann a …


Jewish Press editor arrested for Jan. 6 role

The editor-in-chief of the Jewish Press at the time of the Capitol riot was arrested last week and charged with interfering with law enforcement during the Jan. 6, 2021, violence. Elliot Resnick, …

Security of Israel

Israeli security threats just keep on coming

The Israeli security establishment has received dozens of concrete alerts about plots to carry out terrorist attacks, both in Judea and Samaria and within the Green Line, a former defense official …


Harassed Jewish staffer with 170K in the Bronx

A legal-aid agency in New York City with a history of anti-Israel bias reached a settlement with a former Jewish employee, who claims that she was harassed and treated so poorly that she had to quit …

Shoah Education

Arab visitors describe eye-opening Shoah ed

A delegation of people from Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Turkey visited recently 3 to learn about the Holocaust as a way to promote tolerance. The visit, during which …

media bias

Journalists worship Roget’s, ditch objectivity

Have you ever seen those contortionists who can tie their bodies up in knots? They can put their legs behind their heads and twist their arms backward. Journalists covering Israel have become …


Brody program marks 21 years of students chanting ‘Gantze Megillah’ in Great Neck

Twenty-seven Middle School students of Great Neck’s North Shore Hebrew Academy (NSHA) — both Ashkenazic and Sephardic — joined on Purim day to chant the “Gantze …


Author has Shakespearean twist on Passover

Wherefore is this Haggadah diff’rent from all oth’r Haggadahs? Martin Bodek, author of the “Emoji Haggadah,” “Festivus Haggadah” and “Coronavirus …


Lev Chana at HALB cheers its 100th day

Students at HALB’s Lev Chana celebrated the 100th day of school with fun projects and number games. At the end of the day, Lev Chana staff got together for their own celebration making candles …


Tu B’Shevat cheer

Children in Morah Deena Schwartz’s first grade CAHAL class at TAG proudly display their apple creations.  


Israel rank rises: It’s 4th happiest country in world

Israel is the fourth happiest country in the world, according to a report produced by the UN-affiliated Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Based on Gallup World Poll data, the study …

Kosher Bookworm

The depth and passion of Pesach’s Haggadah

Pesach commemorates events that clearly defined our people’s history and purpose. So, when I happened upon a commentary on a Haggadah whose author’s name brings to mind events in my past, …

Abu Dhabi

Minyan and mikvah open in Abu Dhabi

On a 75-degree February day in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, JNS viewed the Abrahamic Family House site on its opening day. Three houses of worship — Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue, His …

Supreme Court

Supremes weigh sabbath work accommodations

Ahead of next month’s US Supreme Court case about Sabbath observance in the workplace, several mainstream US Jewish groups have joined Orthodox ones by weighing in on the …

Combating Antisemitism

Noa Tishby speaks semantics at Duke University

Noa Tishby, 47, Israel’s inaugural special envoy for combating antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel, is not known for holding punches. Her Feb. 21 talk at Duke University in Durham, …


Beginning to look a lot like Purim

Purim spirit is in the air at the Stella K. Abraham HS for Girls. With a hilarious costume contest on Tuesday and a “Dress Up Decades Day” on Wednesday, students displayed extraordinary …


Tu B’Shevat at SKA

Students at SKA enjoy a Tu B’Shevat seder.

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    Israel to Iowa’s rescue

    In Iowa, sparsely populated rural areas exist with emergency medical services response times that are so long that they sometimes prove deadly. Now, the Hawkeye state is turning to the Jewish …

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