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Transplanters in 5 Towns


The Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute at Mount Sinai (RMTI) is now offering complete transplant evaluation services at the Mount Sinai Doctors Long Island Five Towns practice.

At this new satellite practice, at 1436 Broadway in Hewlett, adult patients who need a liver or kidney transplant can be seen by an entire multidisciplinary transplant team from Mount Sinai. All aspects of transplant care except for the actual operation can now take place locally, providing convenience for patients as well as confidence that they are being cared for by a highly experienced team of experts.

“When considering a highly delicate and technical operation like a liver or kidney transplant, experience matters,” says Sander S. Florman, MD, Director of RMTI. “We realize that it’s not always convenient for patients to travel into New York City for doctor’s appointments, so we are now bringing our team and more than 50 years of transplant experience right to our Long Island patients’ backyards.”

The kidney transplant team will be led by Vinita Sehgal, MD, a nephrologist with 24 years of experience in kidney and pancreas transplantation, 16 of them at RMTI. The liver transplant team will be led by Priya Grewal, MD, a hepatologist with 15 years of experience in transplant hepatology. They will work alongside specialized teams that include transplant nurse coordinators, social workers, and nutritionists to complete all transplant evaluations.

RMTI transplant surgeons will also be onsite in Hewlett to conduct the transplant surgical evaluation. Patients can schedule pre-operative and post-operative visits as well, thus ensuring excellent continuity of care before and after surgery.

The transplant surgery itself will be performed at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, an internationally acclaimed medical institution that is known for the most innovative developments in surgical techniques and transplant medicine. Since 1967, Mount Sinai surgeons have performed more than 8,000 abdominal organ transplants. This makes Mount Sinai one of the most experienced hospitals in New York state and amongst the most experienced in the nation.

Patients and physicians wishing to make an appointment for kidney transplant evaluation and services should call 212-659-8086.

Patients and physicians wishing to make an appointment for liver transplant evaluation and services should call 212-241-8035.