JUMP, a national program run by NCSY, offers teens skills-training, along with the opportunity to demonstrate on-the-ground leadership by creating projects and programs in their schools and communities.

This year, the DRS JUMP team (pictured at left) focused on Israel Advocacy. They created an Instagram account which attractd over 1,000 followers, and produced two inspiring short films and focusing on the uniqueness of Israel.

For a community challenge, the team began a campaign called “Post Positive,” encouraging students to reverse negative comments and posts on social media with positive comments. The team advanced to the championships, placing in the top five JUMP teams from around the country.

They presented their work in the final NCSY JUMP Boardroom competition at Goldman Sachs as a part of the culmination of a four month competition between fifteen schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. The panel of judges consisted of Ranaan Agus, Daniel Benedict, Phil Rosen, Tami Radinsky, and Avi Katz.

After all five teams presented, the judges conferred with each other and discussed the pros and cons of each school’s JUMP initiatives. In the end, RASG Hebrew Academy of Miami won the entire competition.