4 HANCsters tell family tales


Fifth grade students in Rabbi Elie Bashevkin’s Language Arts class of the Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School in West Hempstead created beautiful compositions for the Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration, relating something they discovered from their family based on their interviews with older relatives.

After reading 522 stories submitted by students in nine states, as well as international students, Grannie Annie announced 38 winners. The 38 stories in Grannie Annie Volume 12 took place in 12 countries on five continents over a span of 136 years, and include personal accounts of historic events as well as recollections of everyday activities.

HANC congratulates Tzipporah Wodinsky, Abigail Wunder, Katie Alper, and Keira Kahn, on the acceptance of their articles for publication.

The HANC girls will be honored at Grannie Annie’s Family Stories Festival at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis on June 4th.