SKA raises $4K for soliders


In an effort to recognize the chayalim who are away from home fighting, the Israel Action Committee and G.O. of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls joined forces for a wonderful Chanukah campaign.

The two committees set out to raise money for Standing Together, a tzedakah founded by Ari Fuld z”l, over Chanukah; the funds would enable Chanukah packages to be sent to lone Israeli soldiers. 

The campaign kicked off with an inspiring video made by IAC member Tammy Aryeh on Monday.Throughout the Chanukah week, tzedakah was collected through the SKA Chanukah Auction.

All proceeds from tickets purchased went toward the tzedakah campaign.

It was very meaningful being able to donate tzedakah to show IDF soldiers we care.

Some students went one step further by writing letters to the soldiers, which would be delivered with their gifts.

To end the campaign, Tehillim stickers with the tefillah for chayalim, and a picture of a lone soldier who was an SKA graduate, were distributed to the entire school to place in their siddurim.

Over $4,000 was raised. Yasher Koach to SKA’s Israel Action Committee and GO!