SKA and HANC join Team Shalva in J’salem


There were 30,000 participants in this year’s Jerusalem Winner Marathon, held last Friday, March 17, including students from Long Island day schools who were Running for SHALVA, an association that providing services for mentally and physically challenged children and their families,


Over 21 students from the Stella K. Abraham High School for girls ran for SHALVA.

“We felt so much achdut running with Jews from all over Israel and other countries,” said senior Rebecca Saffra. “We were so proud to raise money and run for Shalva, especially after seeing all the good that they do. All the chesed we did on this trip in addition to Shalva -— packing food for Yad Eliezer and donating clothing to the baby gemach in Shaare Tzedek — made us feel so overjoyed that we were able to contribute. Seeing how the hospital stays within all halachic guidelines was an added bonus to our experience.”

Elisheva Kaminetsky, SKA’s Director of Religious Guidance, and Lisa Fogel, SKA Social Worker and Admissions Liaison, both of whom accompanied the girls, arranged the chesed, spiritual and entertainment opportunities.  Davening at the Kotel and Kever Rochel, hearing from Rav Gav Friedman, and even  riding Segways were among the other activities in which the girls took part.

“I learned so many lessons to bring home,” shared tenth grader Zahava Graff. “Not only did I have fun, but I had an inspiring time!” 


HANC students were among those who ran with Team Shalva. Rabbi Daniel Mezei and his wife, Penina raised over $40,000 to run.

Several alumni studying in Israel who volunteer at Shalva on a weekly basis joined the HANC team on the race day.

The students enjoyed a restful Shabbat in Yerushalyim, and a full day of activities on Sunday before flying back to the U.S.