Shulamith links math and games for family fun


Learning math at the Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst is never dull.Once a week, Sara Wolf visits each classroom to teach a new game highlighting one of the math skills the students are working on.

Last Tuesday and Thursday, third and fourth graders invited parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles to spend the morning learning to play math games at the first-ever Family Math Hour.  During this culminating event, the children got to be educators and teach their guests how to play the games.

Each game was carefully chosen for the math skills it reinforced. In third grade, the focus was on multiplication and place value, while in the fourth grade, the skills practiced were multiplication, long division, and comparing and simplifying fractions.

All the adults in attendance agreed that learning math was never this much fun.

Source: Shulamith School for Girls