Shulamith dad-daughter


The Middle Division of Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst recently hosted a father-daughter minyan. Why is this news? In an all-girls school, students usually pray together with lots of singing but without the portions the community adds in public prayer.

Last year, when Morah Shoshana Fischman and Morah Alisa Schreier were teaching Hilchot Tefila and Devarim she’b’Kedush, they came up with the idea of holding a minyan so the learning could come to life. That the minyan was a great success and another was planned for a day when many dads were off from work at secular jobs, but yeshivot were open.

With Torah reading and father-daughter bonding at a deliciouls breakfast sponsored by Ely and Elisheva Baum, the event was appreciated by all. Thanks were extended to the fathers who participated and especially to those who served as ba’al tefila, ba’al koreh and gabbai of this special minyan.