Rambam’s on the road


This past Shabbos six young men from Rambam Mesivta, together with Rabbi Yaacov Weisenberg, a Rambam rebbe, traveled to Easton, Pennsylvania, to strengthen that small local Jewish community.

The local rav, Rabbi Isaac Yagod, an acquaintance of Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, the Rosh Mesivta of Rambam, reached out to Rabbi Friedman, and asked him if some boys would be interested in coming to Easton to give chizuk to his kehilah.

Rabbi Friedman turned to Rabbi Weisenberg who asked members of the Rambam Model Beis Din Team to join him for a Shabbaton in Pennsylvania. The boys quickly volunteered, and upon arrival were warmly welcomed by Rabbi Yagod and his family.

The shul, which is located in the rabbi’s house, was filled to capacity, and Rabbi Yagod and community members commented on how nice it was to see the shul filled with the vibrancy of youth.

The boys were treated to delicious meals prepared by Rabbi Yagod, who also happens to be a gourmet cook. The rabbi regaled the boys with tales of his experiences of over 25 years in the pulpit, and his role as a mashgiach of many national brands. Local community members joined the meals which were filled with zemiros, divrei Torah, and a spirit of camaraderie.

Rabbi Yagod delivered a shiur on Shabbos afternoon on the halachic issues involved in drinking coffee in Starbucks, drawing on his vast experience in hashgacha. Motzei Shabbos, the boys enjoyed an outing to the local bowling alley, and headed back to New York Sunday morning after minyan and a sumptuous breakfast.

Rabbi Yagod summed up the weekend in an email to Rabbi Friedman,  saying, “Thank you for a most amazing, deeply inspiring Shabbos with your talmidim who nobly represented the finest in American Torah chinuch. Your good reputation will further spread far and wide and will result in great kavod Shamayim. An outsize  measure of appreciation is due to Rabbi Weisenberg who really did a superb job in every way,  and was a real joy to have here!”