Pi Day at Shulamith


Due to last week’s snow day, Pi Day 2017 was celebrated on Pi + 0.01, but a day late did not take the fun out of the celebration!  In advance of the day, students were asked to memorize the digits of pi.

Seventh grader Gabriella Herman came in first, with an impressive recitation of over 150 digits, while eighth grader Malkie Derdik was a close second.  An interesting slide show, presented by eighth graders Jenny Lifshitz and Priva Halpert shared some facts about pi and Albert Einstein, whose birthday happens to be 3/14.

Teachers got into the fun, participating in a math competition.

Thanks to Mrs. Goldberg, Mrs. Markowitz, Morah Chana, and Morah Fishman for being good sports.  The day ended on a sweet note thanks to Strausses’ bakery, which donated chocolate pies.