More space for tefilla at Darchei’s middle school


The talmidim, rabbeim and menahalim of Yeshiva Darchei Torah’s Middle School rejoiced as they moved into their newly-expanded shul

With music and dancing, they carried the Sifrei Torah back from the Diamond Beis Medrash (where the Middle School had been davening temporarily) to the Kaufman Ezras Nashim, which is now more than double the size of the original room and features a beautiful hard floor and large windows that provide abundant natural light. 

Rav Yaakov Bender (left), Rosh HaYeshiva; and Rav Dovid Frischman, menahel of the Middle School; addressed the talmidim. Later, Mr. and Mrs. Uri Kaufman, parents in the yeshiva and the dedicators of the Ezras Nashim, visited the new space. Mr. Kaufman (right) spoke passionately about his parents-in-law, Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Schreiber, in whose memory the Ezras Nashim was dedicated. He mentioned that his late father-in-law was a distinguished talmid chacham as well as a law professor, and that Maran Rav Elya Svei zt”l, the Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia, used to stand up for him out of respect. 

The expansion of the shul was necessitated by the continued growth in student enrollment at the Far Rockaway school.