Mooch stars at Jewish biz expo


The season’s biggest Jewish business-to-bus- iness expo drew entrepreneurs to the Bell Works “metroburb” in Holmdel, NJ, on Tuesday.

The event was co-hosted by Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce. Scaramucci delivered the keynote address and also met one-on-one with attendees.

Other speakers covered a full plate of business topics, including real estate, e-commerce, digital marketing, branding, Amazon, human resource management, women in the workplace, and more.

Scaramucci (nicknamed the “Mooch”), who was an adviser to President Trump, spoke about his appreciation of Israel and Judaism, declaring that “we in the West owe our freedom of expression and values we cherish to the Torah.”

He described growing up on Long Island, the son of a sandmine laborer father with an old-world work ethic, and the start of his business.

“The year I started my SkyBridge Capital, Lehman Brothers, which helped me get started, was one of the largest global finance firms,” he said. “If a fortuneteller would have predicted a few years later that Lehman would be gone and SkyBridge one of the fastest growing firms, I never would have believed it.” SkyBridge now has assets of over $12 billion.

Scaramucci cited ethical business practices and treating employees like teammates as key reasons why SkyBridge soared.

In answering questions from the audience, he spoke about his 11 days (“or as I say, 950,400 seconds”) as White House communications director, and told stories of bumpy and successful times in his career.