Modesty’s ‘silent language’


MACS — Modesty Awareness Committee for Students — of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls presented an exciting and interactive program to understand the meaning behind “The Silent Language,” body language, and its connection to modesty.  

The program began with a performance by Marc Salem, a frum Jew who is a world-renowned mentalist and mind reader, who engaged the crowd with his lie detecting and mind reading abilities. He explained the use of body language in his work, examining the stances and movements of each participant as he worked. He taught us an important lesson: we are always communicating, even when we are silent. 

The performance was followed by a workshop run by teacher and student facilitators, allowing the girls to relate the concept of body language to different aspects of life. The workshop included videos of politicians and criminals expressing themselves silently, as well as videos prepared by MACS students portraying everyday uses of body language in SKA. The girls also read and discussed articles connecting body language to Torah, especially relating to the concept of tzniut

The morning concluded with an additional video prepared by MACS showing the impact of silent communication through dress by displaying impressions and reactions of people to differently dressed Barbie dolls. The experience was an amazing opportunity to learn about such a relevant topic that is so fundamental but rarely discussed, and it was presented in an interesting and exciting way which appealed to different personalities.