MDS salutes Rabbi Besser’s 18-year tenure


Manhattan Day School will honor its principal, Kew Gardens Hills resident Rabbi Mordechai Besser, as he prepares to leave his position after 18 years.

The event will take place on April 2 at the Upper West Side school.

For over 40 years, Rabbi Besser’s mission has been chinuch, Jewish learning and study. He’s worked to develop students’ Torah learning, enhance their middot, help them internalize mitzvoth, encourage good deeds between people, and instill a desire and love for intellectual stimulation and growth.

Rabbi Besser taught Judaic and General Studies at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County Junior and Senior High School, and was principal of the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway for 21 years.

He was program director of Camp Morasha for 26 years and served as chairman of the Yeshiva Elementary Principals’ Council.

He is married to Edna, a MDS graduate, and derive nachas from their four children and grandchildren.

Former colleagues, fellow educators, past students, families, friends and anyone who has been privileged to have worked with or experienced life with Rabbi Besser are invited to send their wishes for his continued success to the event’s website —

MDS also welcomes contributions made in his honor which will go to future endeavors at MDS.