LI candidates trade charges


Two Jewish candidates who ran for Congress in eastern Long Island say they were targeted with anti-Semitic rhetoric.

On Sunday, the campaigns of Rep. Lee Zeldin and his Democratic challenger, Perry Gershon, traded condemnations over the incidents.

A swastika was found painted on a Gershon campaign sign that day. Also, Gershon campaign signs were vandalized with other phrases, including “baby killer” and “gay lover.”

Zeldin said anti-Semitic messages have been sent to him, including one that spoke about his wife and children being taken to the gas chamber, according to reports.

“Whether it’s someone attacking me or attacking my opponent, I will condemn it,” Zeldin said. “Meanwhile, when I get called a Nazi a few thousand times by his supporters, and that’s documented, and he has nothing to say? ”

Gershon said of the accusation, “I think he’s trying to incite … and it’s disgusting for a fellow Jew to do that.”