Happy SKAers reunite in Israel


Graduates of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, now attending Israel seminaries, greeted each other, Judaic Studies Principal Elisheva Kaminetsky and Israel Adviser Paghit Ralbag at in the Old City of Jerusalem. Alumna also had the opportunity to “see” their former teachers via Facetime.

They heard from four alumna who have made aliyah — Shana Margules Wurtzburger ’01, Nava Lauer Feigenbaum ’03, Elana Schreier Glatt ’11 and Talia Williams Eisen ’02.

A second reunion, for SKA graduates who stayed in Israel after Shanot Aleph and Bet to attend university and other institutions, was held at the Leonardo Plaza Hotel. They heard Israeli radio personality Sivan Rahav Meir and greeted Chani Aryeh ’17, who just made aliyah.