HAFTR at YU Great Debate


Eight students from HAFTR’s debate team competed in the annual Great Debate hosted by Yeshiva University’s High School for Boys (MTA) on Sunday, Feb. 26. Participants included sophomores Jonathan Goldschlag, Justin Moskowitz, Elliot Ottensoser, and Ethan Winkler; juniors Benjy Gottesman and Miriam Kopyto; and seniors Israel Lallouz and Rachel Sacks.

Gottesman, Kopyto and Lallouz also participated in an extemporaneous debate which consisted of the students obtaining a topic on the spot and developing a 5-minute speech with 20 minutes of preparation time. Debated topics included, “What happened to the Jews?,” “What was your most embarrassing moment?,” “What do you like about your school?,” “What should Israel do?,” “Will books survive?,” and “Are women better off today?”

The students enjoyed spending the day with students from other yeshivot, and engaging in intellectual and heated discussions.

Benjy Gottesman was awarded first place extemporaneous speaker; Miriam Kopyto was awarded second place extemporaneous speaker and third place overall debater, and Justin Moskowitz was awarded second place overall debater.

The team thanks its coach, Alexander Libkind, for all his hard work.