FIDF NY real estate division turnout is up to par


Over 150 of New York’s prestigious real estate professionals came together for a day of golfing on Monday, September 10, 2012, for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) NY Real Estate Division Golf Outing at Glen Oaks Country Club in Old Westbury. Glorious weather set the stage for 18 holes by the day and cocktails and a dinner reception in the evening, with a very poignant film featuring IDF soldiers.

Chairman of the FIDF NY Real Estate Division, Ofer Yardeni, welcomed those in attendance and, on behalf of his event Co-Chairs, Joel Seiden and Jeffrey Mann, thanked participants for their support. “The FIDF plays a very important role in supporting the soldiers of Israel“The Real Estate Division of the FIDF has built up a strong base of participation over the last few years and is committed to creating impactful events for the organization. The turnout at the first ever Golf Outing is another sign that the real estate industry in New York City is passionate about improving the lives of the Israeli soldiers.”

Ofer continued to deliver a powerful yet simple message in regard to his commitment to Israel and FIDF. “Israel is like the palm of your hand. Others countries are like the fingers, who without the palm, are like sticks. Israel is what makes us alive. The palm is what connects the fingers. Without Israel we would get lost.”

Active duty IDF soldiers, who traveled to New York from Israel, were in attendance and shared their stories with FIDF supporters. Cpt. Eliran Avnaim, a professional golfer who is also an operational officer for the 93rd Battalion (Kfir Brigade) and was a platoon commander in the Second Lebanon War said, “This event is so wonderful. It’s exciting to see such support for us here in New York. It’s amazing, and you can feel the energy. The support is so important to soldiers; it makes you feel better.”

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