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Dems dump the Women's March


The Democratic National Committee has dropped its partnership with the Women’s March over anti-Semitism concerns, amid accusations of anti-Semitism in the movement’s leadership.

DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh told JNS that although it will not participate, “the DNC stands in solidarity with all those fighting for women’s rights.”

In recent weeks, some local marches have been cancelled, and a number of progressive groups have withdrawn their support, including the National Council of Jewish Women, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, the Human Rights Campaign, Greenpeace and Coalition Against Gun Violence. 

Jewish organizations such as the Jewish Democratic Committee of America applauded the groups that have scrapped their affiliation.

“JDCA supports the objectives of the Women’s March and stands with sister marches across the country this weekend,” executive director Halie Soifer told JNS. “At the same time, we welcome the DNC, SPLC, Emily’s List and other organizations’ decision to not sponsor and participate in the Women’s March and take a principled stand against anti-Semitism.”

Women’s March co-leader Tamika Mallory denied accusations of anti-Semitism. On ABC’s “The View,” in response to host Meghan McCain’s asking if she condemns Louis Farrakhan’s statements, Mallory said: “It’s not my language. It’s not the way that I speak; it’s not how I organize. And I think it is very clear over the 20 years of my own personal activism, my own personal track record, who I am, and I should never be judged through the lens of a man.”