Sukkah fair at HALB


This past Sunday, Feb. 5, the HALB fifth grade boys held their annual “Super Sunday Sukkah Fair” under the coordination of fifth grade rebbe, Rabbi Moish Steinberg.

After learning the Sukkot halachot in Mishnayot Sukka, the boys were assigned a Sukkah to build and to explain. The models were beautiful and creative. One student, Elisha Skolnick, built a sukkah from cardboard boxes and crayons. “It was interesting to learn how you can make the walls for a sukkah out of any material as long as it lasts seven days,” he said. “I had so much fun building the sukkah with my dad!” 

The parents and students enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and then reviewed each sukkah model. Student Murray Silver, remarked, “I enjoyed learning about the cases in Mishna and it was so good to see all of the sukkot that my friends built.”

Additionally, the boys printed an illustrated and explained Mishnayot Sukkah. The illustrations were created with an advanced program called Sketchup. Those who came were impressed by the hard work and creativity shown by the boys. Most importantly, the students increased their love for Torah and they are excited to continue their learning.