HAFTR and HALB show the colors of Noach


Parshat Noach is always a child’s delight.

At the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway, pre-K youngsters dressed in ROYGBV (the colors of the rainbow) found it an occasion to celebrate (top photo).

At the Lev Chana Early Childhood Center of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, children awaited the arrival of Banana and Swiper, two stars of the Party Pets menagerie of exotic reptiles, animals, birds and insects who visit during the week of Noach.

Andre Ricaud’s program enables HALB children to interact with animals that many of them have never seen before and to learn about their habitats and other fun facts.

The children were awed as Andre and his assistant lifted Banana, a 13-foot-long yellow python, and stretched him out for the children to pet (photo left) and showed Swiper, a Fennec fox from Egypt, Sonny and Sweety, a pair of bearded lizards from Australia, and Jack and Jill, soft chinchillas.