Dor L’Dor: HAFTR celebrates its 38th year


More than 325 people participated in the 38th annual dinner of the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway, held Sunday night at the HAFTR Sports Complex in Lawrence.

This year, the HAFTR community paid tribute to our Three Generation Families who have each attended either Hillel, HILI or HAFTR and continued the school legacy by enrolling their children.

HAFTR was established in 1978 as a merger between two outstanding South Shore day schools — Hebrew Institute of Long Island (HILI), which served the Rockaway and budding Five Towns communities since 1936, and the Hillel School, which was founded in 1957 to serve the area’s growing needs.

Since 1978, HAFTR has been setting a standard of excellence for American Jewish yeshiva education on both the lower and secondary levels.

HAFTR’s three generation families honored this year include the families of:

Alpert (Small, Weinrib)

Aschheim (Lazar)

Bernstein (Waxman)

Bertram (Orenstein, Lesnick)

Bienenfeld (Brafman, Lent)


Brafman Cooperberg (Kuflik)

Engelstein (Maron)

Friedman (Romanoff)

Goldsmith (Goldstein Gomberg)

Hammerman (Lifshitz, Scheer)

Horowitz (Gillman, Glaubach)

Jakubowitz (Eisenberg)

Knoll (Haimm, Wanderer)

Markowitz (Weinrib)

Mermelstein (Gross, Lauer)


Nathan (Gluck)

Rosenthal (Gurtman)

Rosenzweig (David, Rotenberg)


Sicklick (Hoffman)

Slotkin (Hizme, Rudensky)

Stawski (Schechter)

Sturm (Strauss)

Wallach (Rosenberg, Farber)



Zwiebel (Bernstein)

Zwiebel (Sobin)

Zwiebel (Zenilman)