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Letters to the Editor more
I did not come to Israel to learn Torah. At least not in the traditional sense. I wasn’t thirsting for more Gemara nor was I aching for Rambam’s insights on halacha. more
There are seven instances in the Torah when a tally of army-aged males is given to us. Twice they are rounded to “600,000 foot soldiers” (Shmot 12:37 and Bamidbar 11:21). more
Calendar for the week of May 20, 2011 more
I never met him. But of his many written works, I have read. The recent untimely passing of Rabbi Dr. Aaron Levine, whose sheloshim was observed this past week, represents the loss of one of … more
The following are excerpts of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech delivered to U.S. Congress this week. more
When Michelle Obama is 63 she looks in the mirror and decides she needs to see a plastic surgeon. She finds one of the best doctors who also happens to be a dear friend of the family. She makes an appointment and goes to see him. She says to the doctor, “I would like to look exactly like I looked 44 years ago when I was 19.” more
I used to frequently eat at Le Marais after I first moved to Manhattan, and ordering only a steak and fries, I thought of Le Marais as a simple steak joint and wrote it off in my mind. more
Last week President Obama called for any Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement to be based on the pre-June 1967 borders: Forgetting for a moment whether Obama was right or wrong for making that declaration, there is a serious problem with his statement as a pre-1967 border does not exist! more
Dear Aviva, I have a minor problem that’s not so minor. I hate my son’s carpool. The moms are often late and unreliable. When they can’t make it, they call me to do it because I’m the only one who is not working. It is really disruptive to my routine and messes up my baby’s nap schedule. I made up my mind to find other people to drive with next year, but I’m not having any luck. It looks like I am stuck with this one again, and I want to set the rules down right away. Any tips? more
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