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A stitch in time saves nine, comedians like to keep their audiences in stitches and then there are just plain stitches…. My boys were seven and five years old and playing in the backyard on Shabbat afternoon, when my younger son came running in. “It’s not my fault,” Jeremy kept on repeating. “Daniel told me to throw the block of wood up to the bush so the ball would fall down, I didn’t know it would fall on his head.” more
There are no records dating back to the time of the invention of the shoe. There are just assumptions based on primitive cave paintings. But you can be sure a lot has changed since then. Today the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes and the average man, 7. more
Last summer, I was offered the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Kulanu’s summer program, Camp Discovery. I was nervous at first, as I never taught cake, cookie and cupcake decorating to children. The first day I rushed in with all my supplies and within five minutes my first group of kids bounded in. more
No power. No heat. No fridge or freezer. No oven. No microwave. No TV. No Internet. No phone. No cell service. No lights, washing machines or dryers. Gas lines were blocks long and ran out of gas as it was nearing my turn. A huge tree fell across my pool, my boiler broke and after the power was returned, my Sub Zero compressor blew. My thermostat in my bedroom read 43 degrees at night and I went to bed so bundled that I resembled the Michelin man. more
As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to be creative When I was younger and played with play dough, I didn’t just mold the dough into shapes of cakes and cookies; instead, I placed them on my kitchen window and my “bakery” was open for business. more
Back to school, those dreaded three kids, that is. Most parents can be seen dancing in the streets come the first day of school. Of course we, as parents, deal with all the issues leading up to the first day of school. Will our kids be with their friends? Will they have the best teacher? Will the kid that tormented them last year, hopefully, be put in another class? more
Over one hundred thousand people will line the parade route from fifty –ninth to seventy-ninth streets this Sunday as they join the Celebrate Israel parade. Thousands of Israeli flags will be waved enthusiastically by young and old alike. more
Are those the camp buses rolling back into town? Didn’t they just leave? Wasn’t it yesterday that all the trunks were being packed? It’s been a while since I’ve packed and unpacked those trunks, but the memories are still very vivid. more
While in a supermarket in Brooklyn the other day, I spotted a package of “cauliflower pizza.” Not sure which was more eye catching, pizza made of cauliflower or the price, $24. Granted, there were four pieces in the package, but they were thin and about 3” x 5”; I could have eaten all four by myself. Of course, wasn’t sure I would actually want to. Do not get me wrong, I love cauliflower and I love pizza, but not sure why I would want cauliflower crust pizza. more
Last week, my dear mother-in-law, Sima Mattel (Sari), a”h, passed away. I never heard her complain about her lot in life. This was a woman who was taken from her home when she was 14, lived in a ghetto with her parents and seven siblings and watched her mother die of cancer. She ended up in Auschwitz, where four of her siblings and her father were sent to the gas chamber. She also walked on the death march and was in Bergen-Belsen. more
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