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While a guest at Rabbi Berel Wein and Rebbetzin Jackie Wein, A”H for Shavuot in 1985, I had the pleasure of enjoying the most delicious homemade challah. more
I can still remember exactly the way “the ice cream man” looked on the beach in Brighton. I loved those beach days way back when. Of course most of you under 35 probably don’t have the same memories of going to the beach as I do. more
If the word tofu reminds you of “flower child” of the 60s and tasteless health food, you are not alone—but you are missing out on one of the most versatile, healthy-for-you ingredients. more
The last of the Pesach dishes, pots, pans, etc. have been stored away. The chametz dishes have been put back in place. The toaster oven, Kitchen Aid mixer and blender are back in their rightful spots on my counter and the cabinets that have been hiding forbidden chametz ingredients are opened. more
By the time most of you will be reading this article, it will probably be over a cup of coffee, Shabbat morning. more
Pesach, ahhh so many memories. I loved helping my mom clean the house, line the cabinets with shelving paper and the counters with contact paper (I'll have you know there was not one air bubble left on the contact paper when I was finished with it!). more
One of my favorite Shabbat foods growing up was potato kugel. Not the type that most people make today. I'm talking about hand grated, pan-fried and flipped, crisp on both sides, mouth watering kugel. more
Exquisitely simple, yet enormously complex, the egg is one of nature's marvels. Eggs are the backbone of many baked goods. They also provide steam for leavening or moisture for starch. more
Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods. They’re an irresistible source of extraordinary flavors, textures, and aromas. more
Purim, it’s that time of year again. The most festive, feel good holiday of the year, with drink till you drop, feast till you’re stuffed and over the top partying while masquerading. And it’s the only holiday that will continue to be celebrated after Mashiach comes. more
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