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Yiddishkeit in unexpected places. 1st stop: Myanmar

There was a Chanukah party last month in this former capital city and enough guests — over 200 — to surprise an uninvited tourist. “There’re no Jews …


Chavruta-infused Talmud craze sweeps South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — In 2014, Kim Hye-kyung found herself staring into an educational abyss. The mother of two lives in study-mad South Korea, where parents fork over $17 billion on private …


Religious women solve social problems through tech

Sitting side by side in an open office in the tech giant Cisco’s headquarters, Roni Ashkenazi and Ayelet Ganot sat staring at lines of code on a monitor checking their work …


West Hempsteader fulfills dream in the IDF

West Hempstead native Yitzchak Milworn decided long ago that he wanted to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. During his senior year at Rambam Mesivta in Lawrence, he took part in a two-week …


The ‘apartheid’ wall that isn’t

Apartheid? Segregation? Not even close. .“Segregated Highway Opens in West Bank,” The Washington Post headline blared this week. “Israel Opens ‘Apartheid Road’ in …


Will migration pact endanger German Jews?

On Dec. 10, the same day that the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) reported growing feelings of vulnerability among European Jews, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel led the signing in …


‘Vest’ anti-semitism demoralizes France’s Jews

Four years ago, a heartbroken Bernard-Henri Lévy found solace in more than a million Frenchmen marching through the city …


Rashida Tlaib and the history of ‘dual loyalty’

A great American Jewish jurist once argued against the idea of a “hyphenated American.” He said there was no place in America for immigrants and their children to hold on to …


SKA raises $4K for soliders

In an effort to recognize the chayalim who are away from home fighting, the Israel Action Committee and G.O. of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls joined forces for a wonderful Chanukah …


Chumashim for HAFTR 2nd graders get Chumashim at HAFTR

HAFTR welcomed family and friends to the second grade Chagigat Chumash. Almost 100 students sang about their love of Torah …


JUMP Team at DRS runs a father-son yom iyun

Students at DRS were joined by their fathers for a very special Yom Iyun on January 1st, run by DRS’s very own NCSY JUMP Team and titled, “Sanctifying Jewish Life in the 21st …


Israel should stay off Trump’s wall

It may be that supporters of President Donald Trump and those who back the Israeli government led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are now so …


Shoah history in Dutch couple’s countryside home

AMSTERDAM — Despite its rustic charms, the dream home that Roxane van Iperen and her partner bought nearly ruined their marriage. Van Iperen, a 42-year-old novelist, underestimated the …

politics 2020

6 Jewish facts about Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, the junior senator from California, is reportedly set to announce her bid for the Democratic presidential nod. Harris, 54, is a progressive on most issues who …


The media’s ongoing anti-Semitism problem

Adolf Hitler was a genocidal dictator who unleashed the most destructive war in the history of humankind and perpetrated the Holocaust. He was also a lover of animals and art …


CAHAL learns at Darchei

Research has shown that learning is most effective when it is engaging and fun. In Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Mrs. Yael Sara Rendler’s 1st-2nd grade CAHAL class has been experiencing learning in …


Shulamith volunteers at JCC

Shulamith eighth-graders graders headed to The Shop in Maple Plaza to volunteer for the Marion & Aaron Gural JCC. The Shop give people in need the chance to shop for food and clothing with …


From HAFTR, final mitzvah is performed

Several HAFTR high school students were privileged to perform an incredible mitzvah when it was brought to the school’s attention that Leah bat Shlomo Margalit a”h, a Holocaust survivor …

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