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From his first introduction to us, most of the Torah depicts Moshe as the quintessential leader par excellence. The ultimate Jewish figure, he continues to hold that enigmatic quality that Jewish … more
When I was studying in yeshiva, I asked one of the rabbis if there was a specific reason why the Torah occasionally refers to Yaakov by his name and other times as Yisrael. The rabbi was of the … more
When Tzafnat Pane’ach reveals his true identity to his brothers, he says “I am Yosef. Is my father still alive?” (45:3)Speechless, the brothers say nothing, forcing Yosef to … more
Shortly after Yosef is given his new title, he is introduced to his new wife: Asenath bat Poti Phera, the priest of On. Pharoh, King of Egypt, was the shadchan. As Yosef was not really given a chance … more
Parshat Vayera by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of October 22, 2010/ 14 Cheshvan 5771 Avraham has three visitors. Two of them go on to Sodom to destroy the city and save Lot. When their … more
Parshat Lech Lekha By Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of October 15, 2010, 7 Cheshvan 5771 The word “Tardemah” — an unconscious state — appears only twice in the Torah: Bereishit 2:21 — … more
Parshat Noach by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of October 8, 2010/ 30 Tishrei 5771 From Adam until Noach, only two individuals do not reach the lofty age of 900 or its vicinity (Mahallel lived to … more
Parsha by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of September 22, 14 Tishrei 5771In Vayikra 23:34, Parshat Emor, the Torah tells us that “on the 15th of the seventh month, we will celebrate the festival of … more
Yom Kippur by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of September 17, 2010/ 9 Tishrei 5771A very experienced rabbi once told me that for Neilah, the last chapter of Yom Kippur — the final prayer, the setting … more
Rosh Hashanah by Rabbi Avi Billet Issue of September 10, 2010/ 2 Tishrei 5771Arguably the most enigmatic of the names of Rosh Hashanah is Yom Hazikaron. It is the concluding phrase of most of … more
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