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In the battles that round out the end of Parshat Chukat, Moshe and the Israelites defeat Sichon and Og, and their respective nations. Before the battle with Og, Moshe is told by G-d not to fear for “I have given him into your hands.” (21:34) more
Cold; so cold it cuts through the rags that were once clothes, straight to the bone.Cold; so cold it cuts through the rags that were once clothes, straight to the bone. There was a time this cold so occupied your very being you could concentrate on nothing else. But that was long ago. Darkness; so dark it sometimes seems more than the mere absence of light; it seems almost tangible. You vaguely recall a time when you were obsessed with determining exactly where you were, pacing in the darkness to examine your environs. You figured out you were in some sort of a concrete cell, perhaps six feet square, but not much more than that. You used to wonder what color the walls were, never having been allowed to see them, but that curiosity has long ago been replaced with more basic needs. more
It is hard to understand how the people of Metropolis can not see that the only difference between Clark Kent and Superman is a pair of glasses. Then again, Superman is a comic book superhero. more
In times when Jews were the only people circumcising themselves (Islam did not yet exist, and ancient Egypt was a memory of the past) tyrannical governments and anti-Semitic regimes made themselves the police over Judaism’s oldest practice. The first commandment G-d gave to Abraham was to circumcise himself and all the males of his household. The climax of this commandment came when Yitzchak was born, and Abraham was able to circumcise his baby at the mandated hour, the eighth day of life. more
Every time we consider a conversation between G-d and Moshe, the absurdity of the concept of Moshe "teaching" G-d something, becomes apparent. more
The Levites are consecrated, once and for all, in the opening passages of our parsha. Mazal tov! Hold your horses. Did you read what they have to go through to experience this monumental achievement? more
In this week’s parsha, we are introduced to the unique mitzvah of the kohanim – their ability to be the instrument through which the people of Israel will be blessed. more
There are seven instances in the Torah when a tally of army-aged males is given to us. Twice they are rounded to “600,000 foot soldiers” (Shmot 12:37 and Bamidbar 11:21). more
Do a search on the internet for "Klausenburger Rebbe" and you'll find the deceased rebbe has a Facebook page. Add the word "tochacha" to your search, and you'll find a story about a time he was in shul for the reading of the tochacha, and he told the reader to read the section in a loud voice. Rabbi Frand, who tells the story, records the Rebbe's explanation for this contrarian position to an ancient custom. more
If the Torah is of divine authorship, why does it repeat itself so much? Did G-d forget what He had already written when He chose to repeat an idea? And not just any idea, but an entire verse – … more
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