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If American Jews are unhappy with Israel, it may not be so much a function of the new nation-state law as the growing consensus that it is “illiberal.” In articles in both secular … more
Jewish institutions are under siege these days, and their principal critics aren’t neo-Nazis. Despite the clear leftward tilt of most organized Jewish life, liberal critics are constantly … more
Is peace still possible between Israelis and Palestinians? After the events of the last 25 years, the answer from most Israelis seems to be “not for the foreseeable future.” But it is … more
Gaza is broke. As Monday’s front-page New York Times feature explained at length, the conflict between the Gaza Strip’s Hamas overlords and the Fatah party that runs the West Bank has … more
Modern ionism began in the courtyard of the École Militaire in Paris in 1895, where Viennese journalist Theodor Herzl witnessed the appalling spectacle of the degradation of Captain Alfred … more
It sounds outrageous. A speech pathologist in a Texas school district was asked to sign a pro-Israel pledge. If she refused to go along … more
The Egyptian government recently passed a new law against spreading “rumors.” By “rumors,” President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi means anything that might undermine confidence in … more
With weeks to go before the midterms, both political parties are pulling out all the stops to win. Which in most cases means doing their best to make the voters hate the other side and whoever is … more
Israelis have just endured yet another weekend of terror and the reactions have been predictable. Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched … more
That so many Jews care so deeply about what an actress has to say about the State of Israel and its prime minister tells us a lot about Jewish insecurity in 2018. But while this isn’t the … more
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