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The old joke about academia is that the arguments in the faculty lounges are so nasty because the stakes involved are so small. That’s often true about most things that go on in the narrow … more
Much of the discussion about Israel and the Palestinians revolves around one question: Why does the conflict continue? Most of those who offer answers, especially veteran Middle East … more
The man with the best chance to be the first Jewish president of the United States is someone who thinks the prime minister of Israel is a racist. To say that is not to predict that Vermont … more
Israelis have just endured yet another weekend of terror and the reactions have been predictable. Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched … more
Imagine if there was a member of Congress who openly supported an anti-Semitic movement, issued multiple statements promoting traditional themes of Jew-hatred and then gave a speech … more
For critics of the pro-Israel community and President Donald Trump, it was the ultimate “gotcha” moment. After months of having to listen to Jews and friends of Israel pointing out … more
Those who continue to deny the historical facts about Jewish Jerusalem got more bad news this week. Archeologists working at the City of David site in Jerusalem revealed some of their latest … more
It was a day for Israelis to cheer the unprecedented degree of closeness between their nation and its sole superpower ally. Using his favorite form of communication … more
As the annual AIPAC conference convened this week in Washington, the lobby’s status as a lightning rod for the pro-Israel community was more in evidence than ever before. Attacks on the group … more
Discussions about intersectional theory used to be confined to the fever swamps of the far left. But this idea — the idea that seeks to link the struggle for civil rights in the United … more
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