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Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is the poster child for the Republican Party’s problem with right-wing extremism. His fate also provides an object lesson in how American democracy … more
It may be that supporters of President Donald Trump and those who back the Israeli government led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are now so … more
There may be no membership organization with a more politically incorrect name than the Knights of Columbus. Calling its members “knights” is bad because it reminds us of Medieval … more
In a moment that tugged at the heartstrings of listeners, a young Israeli couple whose baby was killed as the result of a terrorist attack sought to find consolation amid their sorrow. … more
It sounds outrageous. A speech pathologist in a Texas school district was asked to sign a pro-Israel pledge. If she refused to go along … more
Modern ionism began in the courtyard of the École Militaire in Paris in 1895, where Viennese journalist Theodor Herzl witnessed the appalling spectacle of the degradation of Captain Alfred … more
The most interesting thing about left-wing anti-Semitism is not so much the hate driving the trend as the impulse of Jews to tolerate or even justify it. In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue … more
It got lost in the middle of a wide-ranging interview in The Washington Post that made headlines for other reasons. But when President Donald Trump said that the United States might be staying … more
The New York Times’s coverage of Jewish topics has long been fodder for those who study both media bias and the complicated relationship between the newspaper and the members … more
BDS activists who think they are succeeding in isolating the State of Israel aren’t paying attention. On Sunday, reports surfaced that negotiations surrounding a gas pipeline to connect … more
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