Tehilla Goldberg
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Probably the purest image in the world is that kidney-bean shaped baby in utero, cozily nestled in its mother’s womb. When I heard of the new abortion law passed in New York this week, in my … more
One of the most dramatic and visual scenes in the Torah is that of the splitting of the Red Sea. To see nature reverse its natural course — rupturing a natural pattern of flowing water, … more
There is a great weight of expectation on our doctors’ shoulders. We have a certain trust in members of the medical profession. As patients, when we sit across from the doctor, we are in a very … more
With the death of Rona Ramon, a blanket of great sadness fell upon all of Israel. It all came rushing back … the heartbreaking news after a euphoric two weeks of witnessing Ilan Ramon … more
Clearly, this is an effort to mitigate Jews’ pain as victims of hate, and instead neutralize us as part of one big Semitic group. … more
When I think of Chanukah in Jerusalem, I think of the fiery winter sunsets. Like a signal that it’s time to kindle the Chanukah lamps, the sun seems to illuminate the entire city, a message of … more
What a painful week. The ugly tentacles of anti-Semitism came out from all directions. Before the news of Airbnb’s boycott of Jewish apartments in Judea and Samaria, before the bloodcurdling … more
Whenever election season rolls around, especially Election Day itself, I get that feel-good democracy vibe. If I was making a “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” list, I would add … more
Bloodshed at Tree of Life. The painful irony. This coming Shabbat, just before the Torah is returned to the ark, almost every Jewish congregation will sing the melodious “Eitz … more
I’m so worried about the situation on the Gaza border, yet I rarely hear a peep about it in the news — even in the Israeli news cycle. Is this just the new normal that Israel is … more
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