In Germany in the 1960s, Nazi judges still ruled

Max Merten had been a loyal employee of Hitler’s Third Reich. Yet a few years later, he became an esteemed official in the new German Democracy’s Justice Ministry. In fact, more than half of Germany’s jurists …


A Eurovision tale of the tape: What’s it all about

It’s glitzy. It’s kitschy. It’s like a musical Olympics or American Idol on steroids. Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual pageant in which all of Europe (and some …

chevra kadisha

Save the planet, don’t cremate: Jewish advice

When Rabbi Jay Lyons prepares a body for burial, it feels like he’s in synagogue on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. Lyons, along with other Jews charged with …


Hasidim in Poland viewed through a Polish photographer’s eye

When New York natives Duvid and Naomi Singer went to Poland about a decade ago and spent some time visiting the gravesite of a revered Hasidic rebbe, they spotted something unusual beyond the 30 or …


6 candles for 6 million

A packed audience at the Five Towns Holocaust Commemoration was told that “however many times we proclaim ‘never again,’ it is happening again and again and …


Ukraine, 5 years on: Mixed blessing for Jews

Walking on the scorched and scarred sidewalks of this capital city’s main square five years ago, Eduard Dolinsky felt hopeful and proud. A member of Kiev’s large …


Restaurant scene is a triumph of Israel tourism

Israel’s adversaries in the BDS movement thought they could starve Israel through economic warfare that included even its food sector. Many remember the furor over SodaStream, Sabra hummus, …


Nassau leaders mark Yom Hashoah at West Hempstead event

Hundreds of people in West Hempstead …


US shuls need what Europeans have: armed guards

Whether it’s a white supremacist targeting praying Jews, blacks or Muslims, or an Islamic radical committed to killing Christians on Easter Sunday, it has become very trendy …


Publisher pulls novel depicting an Iranian attack

On April 16, Dzanc Books announced its latest release, The Siege of Tel Aviv …


Who are the Jews of Ukraine?

Jews have lived in Ukraine for such a long time that their arrival here predates even the first recorded use of the country’s name. Starting in the ninth century, Jews …


Cory Booker needs a history lesson

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker seems to think that America has been supporting the creation of a Palestinian state pretty much since time immemorial. He made his latest comments in an interview with …

new view

Instagram Shoah story: Here’s what teens think

Eva Heyman is an energetic 13-year-old Jewish girl with a bright smile. Go to her Instagram page and you’ll see selfies of the brown-haired teen with her best friends, videos she filmed while …


Anti-Zionism is more lethal than anti-Semitism

I always get suspicious when I hear someone flaunt their pro-Israel credentials by saying, “I firmly believe in Israel’s right to exist.” Gee, thanks. I firmly believe in …

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