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Liberal and progressive politicians love to make fake charges of hatred when anyone objects to their policies. They believe they are smarter than everyone else so there cannot be a logical … more
I’ve been saying for a long time that the more liberal one is politically the less likely one is to support the Jewish state. The anti-Israel policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton offers … more
Finally! The Obama Administration has found a way out of its negotiation screw-up that allowed Iran to legally test long-range ballistic missiles. According to the Iranian military, the U.S. solved … more
Nakba Day (May 15) is the “day of the catastrophe” on which Palestinians “mourn” the creation of Israel. In truth the day became a catastrophe for the Palestinian Arabs thanks … more
On Mother’s Day, the New York Times Magazine published a 10,000-word profile of Obama foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes. The piece contains many startling revelations including (as Rhodes … more
It’s interesting the way some companies react to anti-Semitism. On one hand, they wouldn’t touch someone like David Duke with a ten-foot pole, but when it comes to an anti-Semite and … more
Donald Trump and his people have been whining like three-year-olds ever since he was trounced by Ted Cruz in Colorado. But don’t believe the whines; Trump is carefully rousing his base, people … more
The Associated Press reports that there’s a secret Obama administration plan to provide Iran with another wave of sanctions relief — above and beyond what’s required by the P5+1 … more
Time flies. Six years ago last week, Senate Democrats used a process called reconciliation, which was created to apply only to budget bills (because it eliminates the filibuster) to pass the Patient … more
Two weeks ago, in apparent violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231, Iran launched several ballistic missiles, one of which carried the words “Israel Must Be Wiped Out” in … more
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