hate on LI

Arrest follows confrontation at Lawrence Costco

A Jamaica, Queens man has been charged with aggravated harassment second-degree and menacing third-degree for an anti-Semitic encounter inside Costco on Rockaway Turnpike in North Lawrence on …

on the road

LI rabbis join JNF in viewing Zionism’s future

Israel — the Holy Land, Eretz Zion, the Land of Milk and Honey. It’s a frequent topic of conversation around the Shabbat table, in shuls and on college campuses. Its politics may be polarizing at …


Nikki on a roll: Rips the UN, Venezuela (and Canada too)

In a scathing speech about corruption in the United Nations, former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused Canada of making a “deal with the devil” and called again for the …

politics to go

President Trump’s our pal. Liberal Jews should get a sense of humor.

President Donald Trump delivered a 45-minute speech to the Israeli American Council (IAC) in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday night. Trump spoke about his administration’s decisions to pull …

keeping the faith

Shabbat trumps Olympics: Frum mom keeps priorities straight

A haredi Orthodox mother of five may have to give up her dream of running in the marathon at the 2020 Olympics after the race was scheduled for a Saturday. “I felt like I …

communal leadership

5 men break glass ceiling at AMIT, join charity's all-female board

For the first time in its 95-year history, AMIT has included men on its formerly all-female board of directors, a move that dovetails with a trend in America’s corporate boards …

first person

She’s finally embraced who she is: Jewish and Sephardic. Latino too.

A friend of mine, who’s the daughter of Chinese immigrants and married to another immigrant, recently decided that she would no longer buy her daughter a Barbie doll if it didn’t …


Generations-old recipe: Bukharian chicken and rice

Why use several different pots and pans when you can fit a full meal into one? Bachsh is a traditional Bukharian rice and meat dish loaded with aromatic onions and fresh herbs …


At 76, Joan Nathan lists her top 15 Jewish foods

If you’re part of a Jewish family in the U.S., there’s a decent chance you grew up in the vicinity of a Joan Nathan cookbook. Her many books, including “Jewish Cooking in America,” have been …


The West’s lethal triple lock of Jewish hatred

In France, which is experiencing another surge of anti-Jewish attacks, the lower house of parliament has approved a draft resolution that calls hatred of Israel a form of anti-Semitism. In …

racists on the right

‘Groyper army’ touts racist, anti-Semitic agenda

The young man in the smiley face baseball hat and the Teddy Spaghetti t-shirt had a question for Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump youth movement that’s …


Getting tough to keep peace with Jordan

Israel’s Channel 13 reported that President Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor Victoria Coates held a meeting at the White House last week with the …

politics to go

End politically correct hodgepodge: Chanukah is not Jewish Christmas=

It happens every year at this time, the politically correct holiday season. When a community puts up a Christmas tree, one of three things happens. Either there is a battle to take it down …


Bake latkes this Chanukah. You won’t regret it.

Everyone loves potato latkes, but no one likes the mess of frying them or the guilt associated with eating them. These latkes are baked in the oven and easily won over my kids. You do need to …


A shakshuka that’s even better: Green, with feta

If I’m hosting brunch, it’s a pretty sure bet that I’ll make shakshuka. Saucy, spicy and runny with egg, it’s a universally beloved dish that, to its credit (and my eternal disappointment), …


ZOA legal victory is good news for Jewish students everywhere

Those who care about Jewish college students should be celebrating a landmark legal victory in the fight against campus anti-Semitism. The victory stems from a civil rights complaint filed against …

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Life and death are in the power of speech

What is the Jewish stance on cursing and curse words? Researchers have found that about 0.7 percent of a typical American’s speech is made up of swear words. …


Beyond final encore: What culture brings to Jerusalem

Established in 1961 as a classical music festival in Caesarea, the Israel Festival, now in its 58th year and which runs this year from May 30 to June 15, was “relocated” to Jerusalem in …