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Information is useful to the photographer photographing your event. Often the individuals actually doing the imagery are not given much information. Studios use a “job card” that does not … more
I did not appreciate history. I did not find it interesting. My father in his younger days also did not appreciate history, did not find it interesting. Later it became an obsession to him. Now I … more
An artist must have strong opinions or the canvas remains blank. Everyone has an opinion.  Your son got married. You chose your photos. They are bound. You got the album. That was then. … more
Less can be more. Sometimes it isn’t. Keep this in mind as you select an image for an online professional or social site. Interesting persons with interesting faces should have more … more
Simcha photographers: Imagine the stories they could tell. The anxiety, sentimentality, tears, glamor, beauty, playfulness, excitement, poignancy — all should be found in a wedding album. … more
Fifteen minutes will change your life and that of your family. This is not a new weight loss, exercise, prayer or study program. This is something that I noticed after 40 years of scheduling … more
Near the end of my portrait session, Dr. Ranan Wolff puzzled: “But you never asked me to smile!” True. I never do. My approach is to get meaningful expression that only comes from … more
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