view from central park

A murderer from a good family

The crazy thing is, I have a Friend on Facebook whose Friend is a murderer. When you go to my Facebook Friend’s page, the top message is to the other Friend: “Please tell me you …


Did we need another Sandy Koufax?

The story of Sandy Koufax choosing not to pitch on Yom Kippur is one of the great narrative tales of modern American Jewish life. Depression-era slugger Hank Greenberg was also a role model for …


Chuck Schumer’s shocking reversal on J Street

The decision by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to serve as one of the featured speakers at the upcoming J Street conference should trouble every supporter of Israel. It’s both a boost …


In government-challenged Israel, holidays rule

While the world oohed and aahed with the news that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was returning his coalition-building mandate to President Reuven Rivlin — who, in turn, would …

kosher kitchen

Grateful, especially for my kitchen of love

Each morning we thank G-d for living another day. Gratitude is essential to our Jewishness. At this time of year, we are thankful for the New Year, for the harvest, for the Book of Life, for our …

the americas

Cristina’s comeback splits Argentina’s Jews

Argentines head to the polls for the final round of presidential elections later this month. The two candidates are the incumbent, Mauricio Macri — the first conservative elected in the South …

under attack

9 in 10 Jews worry over rising US anti-Semitism

More than eight in 10 American Jews say that anti-Semitism has spiked in recent years and even more believe it is a problem in the United States, according to an American Jewish …


Why Eisenhower deleted the Jews

The upcoming 50th anniversary of the passing of Dwight D. Eisenhower has occasioned a number of laudatory essays about the former president and commander of the Allied forces in Europe during …

who's in the kitchen

Sukkos was grand … and then came the wind

So much has happened since my last article. Two weeks ago, my beloved Braves were up 2–1 in the NLDS. Jerry’s Yankees were up 2–0 over the Twins. The sukkah frame was up too, …


Germany rethinks Jewish security after Yom Kippur attack

In the aftermath of the shooting outside a synagogue in the German city of Halle, local authorities are rethinking their approach to securing the country’s Jewish communities. Only the …


You should cook your chicken soup in the oven

My mom serves matzah ball soup every Friday night, and she’s always made it in the oven. When I left home and found myself without my weekly fix, I called her for the recipe and followed suit. …


Young Jews’ wrong turn at wrong intersection

A thought came to mind the other day. For all the bluster about Judaism and anti-Semitism in America, I am not convinced that far-out-left and liberal young Jews, who have been …

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Life and death are in the power of speech

What is the Jewish stance on cursing and curse words? Researchers have found that about 0.7 percent of a typical American’s speech is made up of swear words. …


Beyond final encore: What culture brings to Jerusalem

Established in 1961 as a classical music festival in Caesarea, the Israel Festival, now in its 58th year and which runs this year from May 30 to June 15, was “relocated” to Jerusalem in …