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It has not been a good month for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Not only is Bernie Sanders coming up on her in the clubhouse turn, but Hillary’s recently ex-posed … more
In the sweltering heat of a Chicago summer, my friend marched outside the South African consulate, protesting apartheid. Years earlier, she had protested Jim Crow in front of a Woolworths store in … more
The explosion over Ben Carson’s remarks about Jews and guns reflects a new low in media spin.  Contrary to the way Carson’s remarks have been reconstructed, he never said that if … more
After Brandeis University student Khadijah Lynch tweeted her hatred for the New York Police Department, America, and the “Zionist” institution where she is getting an education, a … more
The problem with being an intellectual is that you rarely have your ideas tested in the real world. But sitting on the sidelines enables you to use extreme rhetoric to advance crackpot notions … more
Although Israel has been providing free medical treatment to Syrian refugees as well as Palestinians from the disputed territories and even from Gaza, the U.N. … more
Until the Obama administration decided to shift its support away from Israel because of a rather torturous interpretation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign rhetoric, it … more
On the last day of his visit to Jerusalem in 1871, William Seward, secretary of state under President Abraham Lincoln … more
The United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlements comes in the wake of two other U.N. resolutions, passed by UNESCO, that denied the historic and biblical … more
In parts of Europe, Jews have been warned that wearing anything that identifies them as Jewish means putting a target on their back. In Stockholm, Jews were asked to stay away from the … more
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