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To the Editor: After reading article after article in the local papers about the JCC’s attempt to purchase the #6 School from District 15, I feel it is time to set the record straight. more
To the Editor: In his predictable criticism of the statistically insignificant number of Rabbis for Obama who are on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace (an anti-Israel group) and those who are members of Rabbis for Human Rights (a pro two-state solution group that, unlike Jeff, has actually gone into Palestinian areas in West Bank to do their work, but never mind), Jeff wonders aloud how many more on the list he can smear. more
To the Editor: It is amazing to me that anyone would trust a word of what Mitt Romney says on Jerusalem given that he’s a candidate, not President, but Jeff Dunetz seems ready to fall for the … more
To the Editor: I would like to thank you for your accurate portrayal of the twelve teens from the Five Towns who were honored, with Camp Koby, by the Israeli Knesset. Unlike another Five Towns Jewish publication, who chose to alter the picture of our Orthodox children by lengthening their skirts and sleeves, you presented our children as they are – modern Orthodox, Yeshiva kids (from both HAFTR and HALB) who are respected because of their hearts and Middot and not by the clothes they wear. Alan Heller Lawrence more
A call for regulating automatic weapons more
To the Editor: We often bemoan the ulterior motives of politicians which impact their decisions and actions. I have been completely surprised by the deeds of a local politician and feel his act of chesed should be acknowledged. more
A call to support the JCC’s purchase of the #6 school more
I find the vitriol directed against the Citifield asifa not only to be unfounded but downright offensive. Yes, the internet is an inescapable part of our modern world, but to be inattentive to the enormous dangers that lurk in this medium is naive and foolhardy. more
This responds to the letter of Michael Brenner entitled “Obama, AIPAC and Iran” which was published in the March 23rd edition of The Jewish Star. In the letter, it is contended that President Obama solidly supports Israel. I disagree, and believe that support is nothing but a mirage. more
It is tiring to read the right wing drivel that is Jeff Dunetz's weekly column. This week's column is another example of partisan whining that ignores reality. more
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