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The Kosher Bookworm By Alan Jay Gerber Issue of October 30 2009/ 12 Cheshvan 5770 Just when I thought that all that had to be recorded on Sefer Bereishit was now safely behind us, along … more
Every year at this time our thoughts go back in time to an age of antiquity that beckons us to ponder the true meaning of what ”beginnings” are really all about. This is forced upon us by … more
By Alan Jay Gerber Issue of October 16 2009/ 29 Tishrei 5770With the songs and festivities of Simchas Torah still echoing in the background, Shabbos Bereishis is now upon us, and with the … more
Just the name, the Netziv, HaRav Naftali Tzvi Yehudah Berlin zt”l, should give a shiver of awe and inspiration to any knowledgeable Jew. His life’s story, as reflected in “My Uncle The … more
With Rosh Hashanah behind us, we now look to the upcoming solemn observance of Yom Kippur and the joyous commemorations of Sukkos. As with any Jewish observance, literature keyed to the … more
Perhaps no other holiday season in the Jewish calendar is as prayer-intensive as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Each of these holidays has a unique prayer and liturgy to the themes and … more
Perhaps one of the most nefarious myths of World War II was that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was the one who liberated the Jews from the Nazi evil and ended the Holocaust. I call this a myth … more
By Alan Jay Gerber With the passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy the United States has lost one of its most colorful and controversial political figures of this generation. Yet as the nation both … more
A cardiologist’s commentary collection Reviewed by Alan Jay Gerber Issue of August 21, 2009 / 1 Elul 5769 This week’s review will focus on a very interesting anthology of rabbinic … more
Reviewed by Alan Jay Gerber Issue of August 14, 2009 / 24 Av 5769 Were I to survey readers and ask them to identify Benjamin Harrison, I’m certain many would not be able to offer a correct … more
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