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City tightens rules in vax-lax Brooklyn

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a public health emergency on Tuesday over the measles outbreak in Brooklyn’s haredi community. De Blasio ordered unvaccinated people living in …


Campus ‘Apartheid Week’ a stage for virulent anti-Semitic tactics

It’s no secret that college campuses have become some of the most hostile environments for pro-Israel and Jewish students. From BDS resolutions to anti-Israel speakers, young adults are often …


Dutch ‘matzah man’ fame extends beyond Jews

AMSTERDAM — Anywhere else in Europe, a muscular cartoon character named Max the Matzah would have amounted to little more than an inside Jewish joke. But in the Netherlands, where matzah for …

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ZOA prez says New Zealand killer was ‘left-wing’

The head of the Zionist Organization of America, Morton Klein, told a congressional committee that the New Zealand mosque shooter was a “left-wing” terrorist, basing his assessment on the …


A Vegas honeymoon for Trump and GOP Jews

“Trump” was once a dirty word in this room. Eight years ago, in the same building — Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian casino resort, the site of the Republican …


‘Anti-Semitism’ is new, hatred of Jews is not

A freshman member of Congress openly espouses bigotry towards Jews and Israel. Her fellow Democrats, with only a few exceptions, fail to forcefully condemn her words and views. …


Festive Pesach table, with hints of east and west

According to a Pew Report, almost 70 percent American Jews — secular as well as observant — attend a Seder to read the Haggadah …


Between legitimate critiques and anti-Semitism

The last few months has been an especially painful time to be Jewish in the United States. Hate crimes against Jews are on the rise; in New York City, for instance, a majority of the city’s …


Airbnb will not ban Judea-Samaria rentals

In a reversal of a 2018 policy announcement, Airbnb will not remove West Bank settlement listings from its website. The policy change came in a court settlement Monday between the vacation rental …


No-vote payments by anti-Zionists

A group of Satmar Hasidim cut personal checks to religious Israelis who committed to not voting in Tuesday’s election. The campaign has been aiming to essentially crowdfund a total of $12 …

ncyi gala

Young Israels celebrate for the love of Trump

Sunday night’s National Council of Young Israel dinner was a feast for Trump lovers, with a tasty helping of old fashioned patriotism and a side dish of religion. The annual gala, which drew …


Awkward Trump is no Omar or Tlaib

For critics of the pro-Israel community and President Donald Trump, it was the ultimate “gotcha” moment. After months of having to listen to Jews and friends of Israel pointing out …


Fighting anti-Israel hostility at our colleges

To most people, BDS is the campaign to boycott Israel for the purpose of highlighting the plight of Palestinians. Were it this simple, honest people might disagree on the merits of such a …

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Pesach panic begins

And so the Passover countdown begins. I have to admit, I do get a little kick out of listening to people panic about preparing for Pesach before Purim even arrives. Every now and then …


City of David: The historic problem with dividing Jerusalem

Those who continue to deny the historical facts about Jewish Jerusalem got more bad news this week. Archeologists working at the City of David site in Jerusalem revealed some of their latest …


Checkpoint Palestinians: What it’s really like

I believe in the Jewish people’s right to live in our homeland. That profound belief has no bearing on the rights of others to live here as well. …


Russia sees itself as the ‘final judge’ in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been engaged in a flurry of discussions recently, at least some of which are likely tied to Iranian activities in …


Next for Golan: Homes, farms, biz and hi-tech?

The decision by President Donald Trump to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights is a welcome shift that lines up with the reality of Israel’s permanent presence in that …

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