Trump nod for Jordan Valley?

For Israel, President Donald Trump has been the gift that keeps on giving. Now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is asking for another present: U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over …


Torah animals are alive in Beit Shemesh

The animals described in the Torah come to life — many are literally alive — at the Biblical Museum of Natural History in Beit Shemesh, visited last week by shofar-blowing Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum …

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I’m glad to be raising my kids in Israel

Back when I lived in America, I wouldn’t have called myself a helicopter parent. I would have said that I was vigilant. I would have told you that my husband and I were “boundaried” as parents, …

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Renewed Far Rockaway hospital in 5 Towns push

At least two people who were born at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway attended what amounted to the health care facility’s relaunch last month, celebrating the official openings of …


Untold story of Hebron transcendence

Despite the intense focus on Israel’s ongoing political stalemate, the Israeli media has found plenty of room in recent days to run lengthy features on food, music, sports, shopping and …


Jewish life returns to quiet Buda Budapest area

Most of this Hungarian capital’s approximately 20 synagogues are concentrated in three districts in Pest, the bustling half of the city …

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She’s finally embraced who she is: Jewish and Sephardic. Latino too.

A friend of mine, who’s the daughter of Chinese immigrants and married to another immigrant, recently decided that she would no longer buy her daughter a Barbie doll if it didn’t …


No Jews remain to mourn fire-totaled synagogue

A former synagogue building in the small Texas city of Breckenridge was destroyed by fire — but it hasn’t been home to a Jewish community for decades. The former Temple Beth Israel …


Home-grown issues top Israel for Jewish voters

It’s the perennial anomaly of Jewish voter surveys: Vast majorities feel an attachment to Israel, but relatively few are thinking about the Jewish state when they cast their …


ZOA legal victory is good news for Jewish students everywhere

Those who care about Jewish college students should be celebrating a landmark legal victory in the fight against campus anti-Semitism. The victory stems from a civil rights complaint filed against …


A shakshuka that’s even better: Green, with feta

If I’m hosting brunch, it’s a pretty sure bet that I’ll make shakshuka. Saucy, spicy and runny with egg, it’s a universally beloved dish that, to its credit (and my eternal disappointment), …


On Hebron's seventh step

Defense Minister Naftali Bennet approved the planning of a new Jewish neigh-borhood in Hebron, one week after 50,000 people celebrated Parsha Chayei Sarah at Kever ha Machpelah. A Jew outside Kever …


Portuguese community’s road to riches: Netflix

A decade ago, the tiny Jewish Community of Porto didn’t have enough money to hire a rabbi or even fix the roof of its synagogue. …

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End politically correct hodgepodge: Chanukah is not Jewish Christmas=

It happens every year at this time, the politically correct holiday season. When a community puts up a Christmas tree, one of three things happens. Either there is a battle to take it down …

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Sentences in fatal Lawrence crash

Brooklyn residents Rahmel Watkins and Zakiyyah Steward were sentenced on Tuesday for their roles in the April 2018 car crash that killed Elisheva Kaplan and Yisroel Levin on the Nassau Expressway in …


Never forget … the Jewish refugees from Arab and Muslim lands

In international conflicts, history is more of a weapon than a field of study. That’s why the history of Palestinian Arab refugees is so well-known. Far less understood is the story of Jewish …


British Jews ask: ‘Why do they hate us?’

As part of an evening news segment on Dec. 2, Israel’s Channel 12 examined the panic among British Jews over the prospect that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn could become the next prime …


At 76, Joan Nathan lists her top 15 Jewish foods

If you’re part of a Jewish family in the U.S., there’s a decent chance you grew up in the vicinity of a Joan Nathan cookbook. Her many books, including “Jewish Cooking in America,” have been …

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Life and death are in the power of speech

What is the Jewish stance on cursing and curse words? Researchers have found that about 0.7 percent of a typical American’s speech is made up of swear words. …


Beyond final encore: What culture brings to Jerusalem

Established in 1961 as a classical music festival in Caesarea, the Israel Festival, now in its 58th year and which runs this year from May 30 to June 15, was “relocated” to Jerusalem in …