The ‘Never Again‘ era is ending

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg told NBC News he thinks society must take the possibility of genocide more seriously now than it has in the past generation. In an interview marking the 25th anniversary of …


Gala in Far Rockaway celebrates ‘The Darchei Way’

At a gala for Far Rockaway’s Yeshiva Darchei Torah, a presentation was made to individuals who were instrumental in securing the refinance of the Yeshiva’s mortgage. From left: Rabbi …


Israeli and Palestinian drivers cheer Route 4370

Israel has found itself under attack by international media and the Palestinian Authority, who have accused the Jewish state of carrying out a policy of apartheid against its Arab population. The …


‘The Invisibles’: Jews who survived in Nazi Berlin

In May 1943, after years of killings and deportations, the Nazis declared Berlin judenfrei, or free of Jews. What they didn’t know was that approximately 7,000 Jews remained in hiding in the …


Fire-damaged HAFTR eyes elementary school’s future

With the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway on winter break until Jan. 28, school officials are assessing when, or if, classes can resume at the elementary school …


Literal case against BDS

Over the past decade, the BDS movement has emerged as one of the principle challenges to the legitimacy of the State of Israel. A distortion of the heroic campaign against apartheid in South Africa, …


Tolerating hate in name of inclusion

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is the poster child for the Republican Party’s problem with right-wing extremism. His fate also provides an object lesson in how American democracy …


Vegetarian schnitzel: You won’t miss the real thing

Schnitzel is one of the ultimate comfort foods. It’s hard not to like a food that is fried and golden brown. Schnitzel is commonly made from chicken or veal, but you’ll also find …

first person

We met 70 years after she sang at Theresienstadt

NEW ORLEANS — Ela Weissberger, though tiny and elderly when I met her, was the strongest woman I have ever known. Her energy was indefatigable, her personality vibrant and sunny, her wit …


Rural Portugese community thrives, with quirks

BELMONTE, Portugal — To a casual observer, the weekend routines of the Jewish community of this placid town of about 6,000 in eastern Portugal are deceptively normal. There are Shabbat …


Is Israel set for cyber-vote threat?

As Israeli elections approach, the country’s cybersecurity watchdogs are warning about attempts by foreign actors to disrupt and manipulate the democratic process. The issue came to the fore …


Low on cash — and miracles — Forward cuts back

A decade ago, the publisher of the Jewish Daily Forward asked his board to believe in miracles. “We are supposed to believe in miracles; we are forbidden to rely on them, ” Sam Norich …


YU to open a NY-based hub for Israeli startups

Yeshiva University is set to launch New York City-based hub for Israeli startups, giving entrepreneurs access to business infrastructure and access to students, among other tools …


From many faces, Al Jazeera spreads hate

In the years since the Arab Spring’s eruption, Qatari news network Al Jazeera has successfully positioned itself as an authoritative news source on Muslim world matters. It has thus become …

politics to go

Despite sunlight, Women’s March still anti-Semitic

The first American Jew appointed to the Supreme Court, Justice Louis Brandeis, famously said, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” Two months ago, one of the …


Risking all to play piano, it helped her survive Shoah

LONDON — Like countless world-class pianists, Nelly Ben-Or began playing piano at age 5 and never stopped. That discipline helped Ben-Or, 86, became an international concert pianist and the …


Hungarian Jews clash over hunt for Shoah victims splits

Relations between Hungary’s two Jewish federation groups have recently deteriorated from stony silence to full-blown row. The fight between the Mazsihisz group, which is critical of the …


Touro’s Flatbush campus dedicated in the memory of Simon and Lenke Roth

The flagship campus of Touro’s Lander College of Arts  Sciences on Avenue J in Flatbush was renamed in memory of Simon and Lenke Roth, parents of donor Dr. Alex Rovt.  Dr. Robert …

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