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An intrepid traveler from the Five Towns combines business and pleasure in a jaunt across the time zones By Phyllis Koegel It was Wednesday morning in Jerusalem and I was standing at the … more
Killing to live By David Seidemann Any time. Any day. In a heartbeat I would gladly swap 400 to 500, even 600 of the enemy alive, for one or two dead Israeli soldiers. And I’d free a thousand … more
Crossing the line It's been quiet around here. That's been the most obvious result of the recent uncontested election to the Lawrence school board. Renewed tension and unpleasantness that some … more
Part three in a series on the financing of yeshiva and day school tuition By Malka Eisenberg On the streets, at stores and in offices across the community, parents and grandparents discuss the … more
New village trustee did not have to be Orthodox, head of Lawrence Association says By Yaffi Spodek The newest trustee of the Village of Lawrence is Michael Fragin. He is an investment banker, … more
The Freifeld Legacy Reviewed by Alan Jay Gerber We call it yichus — the legacy of generations of the past. Rabbis, scholars, talmidei chachamim, community leaders who were ancestors to those … more
A spiritual high By David Seidemann Fame and fortune have finally arrived. I entered a restaurant on Father’s Day, wife and kids in tow, and was greeted by a maitre de of sorts. “Do you … more
A Google Maps satellite image of Prospect Street off Doughty Boulevard in Inwood, where Bnot Shulamith of Long Island has entered into an agreement to purchase a campus. By Mayer … more
Trading for victims to be named later Issue of July 4, 2008 Before her encounter with Samir Kuntar, Smadar Haran was a wife and mother of two daughters. Kuntar and other terrorists invaded her … more
Part two in a series on the financing of yeshiva and day school tuition By Malka Eisenberg As families face escalating prices of utilities, food and fuel, the added burden of the annual … more
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